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Annual Flowers

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Organic Heirloom Seeds

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Annuals are  flowers that bloom the first year they are planted, often flowering just a  couple of months after sowing. Most annuals are started indoors or in  greenhouses in late winter or early spring.

Some annuals, called tender  annuals, are killed by frost. They grow in hot weather and are started indoors  or in greenhouses and then set out in the garden after the danger of frost  passes. Some of the faster-growing tender annuals, such as zinnias and  marigolds, can be sown directly into garden beds -- after the frost in spring --  for bloom or use all summer long. This depends on many factors, including where you live and how long summer weather lasts.

Hardy annuals have some  built-in frost tolerance. They are often, but not always, planted outside from seed a few weeks before the final frost, but sometimes they are started indoors  in warmer conditions, hardened off for a good adjustment, and planted outside  during spring.



Planting and Other Information

Alyssum White Carpet


Lobularia maritime        

White Carpet                

A white carpet of fragrant petite flowers, on compact plants spreading 8-12” up to 12cm high.  GBO

Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding


Amaranthus caudatus                                 

Love-lies-bleeding (pre1600)

Also known as Inca Wheat, being used as a cereal and in ancient ceremonies. Long rope like vibrant red seed-bearing flowers give plants an ornamental and graceful appearance. Great as dried and in floral arrangements, birds love them. High in calcium leaves are also edible, best when young, use in salads or steamed. Annual 3-5’ tall.  GO H

Amaranthus Hopi Red Dye02

Amaranthus Hopi Dye Red

Used by the Hopi as a food dye to produce red cornbread. Quite edible, seeds can be used as cereal or flour, high in protein low in gluten, adding great colour for salads. Grows 4-6’ with very showy deep rich red plumes, harvest before the birds do! Will reseed itself.    GBO H


Calendula mixed                         

orangeabliCalendula petals make a beautiful edible garnish for cakes or fun confetti…!      

Calendula officinalis                                        Also known as pot marigold. This very hard plant that flowers right up to snow fall is an excellent cut flower, insect deterent,skin lotion and great in teas and salads!   Grows to 24” high a brilliant mix of yellows, orange and even some reds!                         GBO H


Cleome Spinosa

Cleome, Queen    Cleome spinosa

Also known as Spider Flower. Very delicate lofty plants provide  elegance in any garden, great for back boarders. Blooms are 5-7” in diameter, flowering from summer to frost, with a height of 3-4’ these fragrant blooms can be most effective in mass plantings. Available in white or violet.         GBO



 Sensation Mix

Cosmos bipinnatus

Tall plants with wispy foliage with a mix of white, pink to deep crimson giant single flowers2-3”in diameter on plants that reach 3-4’. Great for cut flowers. GBO H 

Cosmos Sunset

Cosmos, Sunset

These very showy easy to grow compact abundantly yielding plants grow 18-24” bearing bright double orange 2” blooms all summer right to frost. Great as a cut flower and the birds love the seeds!              GBO




Also known as Angels Trumpet, for it bears huge white scented 6-8” trumpet- shaped flowers on lush tropical-like plants growing 3’4’ tall.  A show stopper!  Use caution, plants, seeds and foliage are poisonous. GBO

Larkspur Giant Imperial Mix


Giant Imperial Mixed

Consolida ambigua

A vigorous and abundant blooming delphinium-type flower.  Fine feathery foliage bearing long graceful floral spikes with double blossoms of colours white, pink, rose, lilac and blue, growing to a height of 3-4, making it great for cut flowers          GBO

Cracker Jack Marigold

Marigold , African

Tagetes erecta Crackerjack

A fully double-type African marigold yellow to orange in colour reaching 2-3’ in height bearing 2-3” flowers.    GBO  

Lemon Gem Marigold

Lemon Gem

T. tenuifolia

Referred to as ‘rock Garden Marigolds’’, these compact mounds of brilliant lemon yellow flowers bear dainty star-like flowers abundantly covering the fine green 10-12” plants. Very hardy right up to hard frost and quiet edible!   Great bug deterrent!                       GBO

Yellow Boy Marigold

Marigold, French

T. patula

Yellow Boy

Compact, bushy uniform 8” plant bearing bright yellow flowers 1-1/2” in diameter.  Great for boarders.        GBO

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Grandpa Otts (1870)

Ipomoea purpurea

A popular Bavarian variety that has deep purple flowers with a red star at its throat.  Hardy annual that can reach 15’ if given support.            GBO H  

Nasturtium Jewel Mix


Jewel Mix

Large double flowers in a rainbow of bright, showy colors on dwarf compact plants growing to 12-18”, with a nice radish zip when eaten in gourmet salads!                            GBO H

Purple Majesty Millet


Purple Majesty

Pennisetum glaucum

Cattail-like plumes and foliage are a deep-purple colour.  Takes full sun and heat tolerant, grows 3-4’. Great center piece for containers and the birds love them too!              GBO

Red Domino Nicotiana


Nicotiana alata

Red Domino

Early and compact, producing loads of brilliant deep red star-shaped blooms all summer long on 18” plants. You are sure to attract every humming bird and bee with this plant, good in containers and mass plantings.                                GBO

Green Nicotiana

Green Nicotiana

There are literally loads of lime green star-shaped flowers on these uniform hardy 18” plants.  Very beneficial to the bird and insect kingdom.         GBO

Nigella Damascene


Nigella damascene

Beautiful, delicate airy white flowers fade to solid green seed pods resembling fairy lanterns, held above on long dill-like stems, growing 12-24” tall.  Great for cuts and dried seed pods.  Can self seed.                          GBO

Balcony Mix Petunia


 Balcony Mix

A very bright coloured array of star-shaped blossoms, cascading heirloom continues to bloom all summer.               GBO H  

Papaver Rhoeas Poppy


 Papaver rhoeas

Long-blooming annual summer poppy, great as cut flower, produces delicate single lilac-pink blooms with dark eye, cheerfully all summer long.  18-24” GBO



Rudbeckia hirta

These gigantic golden flowers with chocolate eye are 4-7” in diameter on 3-31/2’ plants. A vigorous bloomer and very heat tolerant, we never water ours, also great as a cut flower.        GBO                  

Sunflower Velvet Queen


Helianthus annuus

 Velvet Queen


A great performing heirloom bearing dark velvety crimson 5-6”blooms on 5’ tall plants.  One of the earliest bloomers and great as a cut flower.                                       GBO H

Russian Mammoth Sunflower

Mammoth Russian

This giant heirloom grows up to 10’ tall with 24” wide bright yellow flower heads.  Watch out the birds love these!   Store and eat in winter or feed to the birds and animals as a treat!  This year they hit 15’ or more!                                                    GBO H

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Autumn Beauty

Tall heirloom variety abundantly covered in 5” blooms (20 or more) of golden yellow, bronze, brown and burgundy, on 5’ plants.           GBO H

Sweet Peas Royal Mix

Sweet Peas Lathryus odoratus

Royal Mix 

2”blossoms are great for cutting, red, purple, mauve, pink, and blue and white. Long bloomer and exceptional fragrance grows 6-7’ GBO

Giant Cactus Zinnia


Giant Cactus

Zinnia elegans

A large heirloom cactus-type, boasting brilliant yellow, red, pink, salmon and white blooms 4-6” in diameter on sturdy plants reaching a height of 24-36”. Great as a cut flower.                 GBO H           

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