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Organic Heirloom Seeds

Peace From All of Us At Seeds of Creation


Located high in the Madawaska Valley, on an isolated bio-dynamic, self-sustaining, BEYOND ORGANIC, 300 acre farm, that’s way off the grid!

We herby certify, with the God-given word, that we grow BEYOND ORGANIC, this means; that there are no chemicals or synthetics used for any crops grown here, that every level of life and creation is upheld and respected, the water is pure, spring- fed from the mountain top. 

The soil is not tilled in more than 50% of the gardens, which are heavily mulched with hay, manure, and homemade compost;  aiding, preserving and protecting the micro nutrient rich soil that has been built over 35 years by Master Lasagna Compost King, George himself! 

Taking great care and respect to honor every one of the millions of worms that live, feed and dwell here. The rest of the gardens are turned by hand with pitch fork.                                                     

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